Global Language Capabilities

We are able to provide expert Legal Translations in almost any language pair 

through our worldwide network of Expert Legal Translators--all of whom are Qualified Lawyers. 

We Speak "Legalese" in Your Language



    Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

    Discovery Documents for Complex Litigation

    Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

    Annual Reports for Corporations

    Contracts for Services

    Proposed Regulations

    Criminal Litigation Documents

    Judgments and Legal Opinions

    Real Estate Documents

    Commercial and Residential Leases

    Wills and Estate/Trust Documents

    Email/Text Messages for Discovery

    Time Sheets for Labor Issues

    Patent Applications

    Patent Infringement Litigation Documents

    We Provide

    Expert Legal Translations and Proofreading 

        in the Following Languages:

    IT    Italian                                            
    EN  English 
    ES  Spanish 
    FR  French
    EL  Greek
    RU  Russian​
    DE  German
    NL  Dutch
    ​TR  Turkish
    BG  Bulgarian
    ​SQ  Albanian
    SL  Slovenian


    We provide comprehensive proofreading of every translation as part of our detailed translation process, but we also offer Proofreadingas a stand-alone service. 

    Tell us what you need:

    Monolingual Proofreading, in which the proofreader has access to the text in only the target language, and reviews and edits the text for style, spelling, grammar and format; or

    Bilingual Proofreading where you provide us with previously translated text in both languages, and we review and edit for style, spelling, grammar, format as well astranslation accuracy, terminology, cultural appropriateness  and consistency.

    Or Custom Proofreading--let us know what you need and we will conduct a review of your unique project.